Ph.D. Student in EIC, Kasetsart University

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Current Position:

Part-Time Lecturer in private universities in Thailand


About Me

I finished my Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communication from Missouri State University, USA where I also pursued my Master of Arts in Communication degree from Drury University which is located in the same state.

My research interest is more focused on areas such as English language teaching, intercultural communication, advertising, integrated marketing communications and the new media. I have passion for teaching as I have more than ten years teaching experience in college classroom teaching courses in English, marketing communication, advertising, introduction to communication and public speaking. As a teacher, my goal is to make the course materials relevant and valuable to students where they can apply concepts and theories beyond the four corners of the classroom.

Ph.D. in EIC

After spending several months in my Ph. D classes, doing journals, assignments and preparing for presentations, I think I have definitely achieved my objective of learning how language affects our lives in a multitude of ways. Our professors have been greatly helpful in achieving these goals as they have been extremely effective in providing first-hand experience to us as regards language learning and acquisition. On a personal point, I thoroughly enjoyed the courses as they were fun and creative. Our professors were greatly supportive and helpful in assisting us, students to achieve our academic objectives.

Choosing Kasetsart

In choosing Kasetsart as the venue to pursue my graduate degree, I only have positive thoughts to say about the university. Its reputation is superb as they serve what is best to the students. They critically and carefully design the curriculum to best fit the students’ interests and needs. Thus, I believe I have chosen the right university for my higher education.

Future Plans

As to my future plans, I intend to pursue teaching career in the graduate program, at the same time conducting further research on topics of my interests. I also hope to land a full time job in the undergraduate level, so that I can continue to share my knowledge and expertise to the younger generation.