Piriyaporn Uampittaya

English language teacher , the Faculty of Industrial Education , King Mongkut ‘ s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang


Why do I study at the Faculty of Humanities , Kasetsart University ?

          I am happy and very pleased to study in the PHD Programme in English for International Communication and I like the courses in EIC programme because the coursework mainly focuses on English for International Communication such as Englishes Around the World and English Language and Professional Communication which are relavant and useful for me as an English Language Teacher.

          This programme gives me and my classmates (PhD students) the opportunities to conduct the research on various kinds of topics related to English for International Communication , English as a Second Language, English as a Foreign Language , Applied Linguistic Studies , English for Specific Purposes including the pedagogic principles and the development or the design of the curriculum of English courses or course materials and corpus linguistics for the teachers of English language. I have found that the courses in the programme are ideal and beneficial not only for the persons who want to improve their advanced level of the skills in English for International Communication but also for the personnel in organization who want to be proficient in English and for English language teachers who are responsible for teaching and developing their students’ skills in English for international communication.

Our professors and PhD staff

          In this programme , I have the great opportunity to study with all instructors who specialize in their specific academic fields and have strong and high professionalism in research experiences. They devote their time and effort to teach me and my classmates the cutting – edge knowledge, develop us to become highly qualified professionals in English for International Communication and Research on EIC. The dissertation advisor and the instructors always work hard to support , encourage me and my classmates to study hard for our career goals. They give valuable advice and provide useful suggestions about the assignments, project work in the course and the research project.

          The PhD staff also support and help us out when we have problems and questions while studying here.

          Moreover, I have the great opportunity to study with the visiting distinguished professors from famous universities in England who are invited to teach us in each semester of academic year.

          I’m proud to say that I’m lucky to study with all Ajarns or all instructors who always understand us and are ready to help us  to be the skilled personnel who have expertise in English for International Communication.


          I like the Libraries at Kasetsart University because they are the warm and welcoming places which provide good service for students and the general public.

          There are a lot of useful and specific textbooks provided for EIC PhD students at the Library of the Faculty of Humanities and at the Main Library of Kasetsart University. It is very convenient for me to borrow general books, reserved books and journals from these libraries. These books can help support me to do the assignments of the courses and conduct the research.

Advice for Interested Students

          I would like to say that the skies open for you all to strengthen your ability and skills in English for International Communication in order to communicate internationally for your organisations and your job and also, if you would like to improve the standard and quality of learning and teaching, you can study in this programme, and apply knowledge and skills in EIC programme for your instruction work, your students, your colleges and universities. Most importantly, EIC programme at the Faculty of Humanities, Kasetsart University for PhD students can help us understand, master the advanced concepts, principles and methodology of research as well.