Nuchsara Choksuansup

English Lecturer at the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University


         I had been searching through several schools of English or Liberal Arts that offer the Ph.D. programs in English study and Applied English. I found that Ph.D. program in English for International Communication at Kasetsart University can serve my intention and desire the most. As an internationally recognized university, the skills that I pursue, the experience that I expect to gain and the degree I will earn, all will definitely support my future growing academically and professionally, both domestically and internationally.

         Why I chose to study Ph.D. English for International Communication at Kasetsart University. In fact, I got my B.A. and M.A. in English and I was grounded so well with the entire English subject. However, I was looking for new thing which could probably light me up in some way of studying English and I was attracted by interesting courses here at EIC program from the first time I did searching. Being from the Northeastern part, I wanted to find some great academic place and KU is.

         I also appreciate KU library center, it is provided various books which allow me to borrow and there are many good articles and e-journals available. I also use the special service from KU library which help me to find any published journals or articles which I cannot find them in stock.

         Another thing that impressed me very much is EIC staff; all the lecturers here are so excellent. They are approachable and knowledgeable. I can email them anytime when I got any problems. They reply back very clear and quickly. They always cheer me up whenever I got into trouble. Moreover, I am glad to have a chance to study with very famous professors from other university from England; it is very great opportunity even I am in Thailand. EIC at KU truly is an International program.

         I would recommend future students who want to study PhD. in English language; KU is one of the best choices. You will find pleasant experiences and new knowledge in the same time.