Usana Larbprasertporn

The course

          The course is very interesting and flexible. It is meaningful since it is catered to suit individual interest and needs. Moreover, it covers a wide range of practical an up-to-date knowledge, making learners aware of the current trend of English language. The course is also very stimulating and interactive; it encourages us to participate in seminars and talks in KU and outside. With great connection and networks with universities in Thailand and abroad, KU often invite professors, lecturers and experts of various fields to enrich learners’ knowledge and experiences.


          Staffs are very kind and understanding. They always make learners try the best to go beyond learners’ limit. Learners therefore constantly improve themselves in knowledge and necessary skills such as presentation skills, critical skills, and English academic writing skills.

Advice for future learners

          I would suggest new learners to be active, hard working and enjoy the great academic atmosphere KU has to offer.

Why KU?

          KU is one of the friendliest, relaxed, and most and environmentally friendly universities in Thailand.


          KU has good resources in department library and university library. Ph.D. learners also have their own working room which is very convenient.